Books Creative Reuse

If you have books that no one wants to read anymore – such as out-of-date reference or text books – what can you make with them?

Recycled Art Sculpture Trails

Would you like to attract people to your town to enjoy nature and art? You could organize a recycled art sculpture trail.

Rope Creative Reuse

From shopping bag handles to fishing gear, there is a lot of rope that can be creatively reused!

Igloo from Plastic Jugs

We built an igloo from plastic jugs for Maker Faire NoVa and we used a method no one had used before (zip ties!)

Cosmetics Creative Reuse

Since most cosmetics are sold in plastic packaging and contain toxic chemicals, they can be challenging to creatively reuse, so get ideas for what to do with your expired cosmetics.

Bubble Wrap Creative Reuse

Do you have piles of bubble wrap due to online shopping? Check out what some artists make with bubble wrap!

Skateboard Creative Reuse

You likely have a pile of broken skateboards if you love skateboarding but the good news is that many artists creatively reuse skateboards to make awesome stuff. And if you are into woodworking, get inspired to source material from the skate park.

Fruit and Vegetable Peel Creative Reuse

Composting is a great way to dispose of fruit and vegetable peels, but here are lots of ways you can creatively reuse peels as food, cleaners, crafts and more.

TED Talks about Creative Reuse

Making toys from trash. Building homes from trash. Weaving art from trash. Next-level creative reuse in Egypt and Japan. These are the topics of my five favorite TED Talks about creative reuse.

Plastic Mardi Gras Beads

Plastic Mardi Gras beads create tons of litter and contain toxic chemicals such as lead – so get ideas on making your own non-toxic Mardi Gras bead necklaces.

Coffee Grounds, Pods and Capsules Recycling

If you like coffee made from K-Cups or Nespresso pods, this episode will inspire you to not only recycle them, but make them into beautiful and useful items. Plus your coffee grounds can be used for much more than just compost.

Dish & Pottery Creative Reuse

If you are cleaning out your unwanted or chipped dishes, inspired by the show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, get lots of ideas of what to do with ceramic, porcelain, clay or glass dishes.

Inner Tubes Creative Reuse

Some artisans call inner tubes vegan leather because they can be cut and sewn together like leather, so come get ideas for what you can do with recycled inner tubes.

Holiday & Greeting Card Reuse

You put most holiday or greeting cards in paper recycling, but some require more creative reuse. Get tips on where you can send used holiday and greeting cards to help others, or get inspired to make holiday decorations from them.

Memory Keepsakes

Memory keepsakes are items made from clothing when someone passes away.