TED Talks about Creative Reuse

Making toys from trash. Building homes from trash. Weaving art from trash. Next-level creative reuse in Egypt and Japan. These are the topics of my five favorite TED Talks about creative reuse.

If you know about more TED Talks on creative reuse, please let me know at trashmagination@gmail.com!

Arvind Gupta, “Turning trash into toys for learning”, 2010

Learn how to make Arvind Gupta’s toys.

Dan Phillips, “Creative Houses from Reclaimed Stuff,” 2010

Learn more about Dan’s organization, the Phoenix Commotion.

Suzanne Tick, “Weaving trash into treasure,” 2016


Jamie Furniss, “The World’s Best Recyclers are Not Environmentalists,” 2011

Creative reuse artists in Cairo, Egypt


Akira Sakano, “ZERO WASTE – A way to enrich your life & the society,” 2016


Kamikatsu’s pub from recycled building materials

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