Egg Shells and Egg Cartons Creative Reuse

My family puts egg shells in the compost and we give our egg cartons to a local farmer who reuses them. We also rip up egg cartons and throw them in the composter if it’s getting too wet in there. If you want to keep it simple, those are great options. But today I’ll share a bunch of other ways to creatively reuse egg shells and cartons.

You can listen to the original podcast episode on eggs and egg cartons from August 2019 in this YouTube video:

Trashmagination’s Pinterest board of ideas for creative reuse of egg shells and egg cartons

Egg Shell Creative Reuse

In the kitchen and garden:

Egg Shell Decorating Globally

  • Ukrainian egg shell painting
  • Persian culture during Nowruz
  • Cascarónes in Mexico
  • Egg shoeing in Hungary
  • Kalti Paarti in Australia

Egg Shell Mosaics

Painting with Quail Eggshell Vase by Mirjam Storm van Leeuwen
Painting with Quail Eggshell Vase by Mirjam Storm van Leeuwen

Decorate a plastic maple syrup bottle with egg shells to make it look fancy!

Egg Shell “Geode” Craft from Crystals

Instructions from Sweet Paul magazine

Egg mobile instructions from Sweet Paul magazine

Artists Who Work with Egg Shells

Ruby Silvious

Elisa Sheehan

Carole P. Kunstadt

Egg Cartons Creative Reuse

Jumble Tree

Michele Made Me

Brainy Beginnings


Dollhouse Furniture from Egg Cartons

Blog by My Cup Overflows about their egg carton furniture birthday party

Trashmagination podcast episode about dollhouse furniture from recycled materials

Artists Who Work with Egg Cartons

Junk Kouture trash fashion dress made from 3,500 egg cartons by Ellen Kearney and Katie Shortall

Enno de Kroon and EggCubism

Sana Hashemi Nasl

Inna Alesina – furniture (benches) from egg cartons

Can Egg Cartons Be Recycled as Sound-Proofing?

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