Bubble Wrap Creative Reuse

Do you have piles of bubble wrap due to online shopping? Check out what artists make with bubble wrap!

Trashmagination Pinterest board with bubble wrap ideas

Places to Take Unwanted Bubble Wrap

Buy Nothing groups

UPS Store

Thrift stores

NEVER in your recycling bin

Crafts Made from Upcycled Bubble Wrap

Painted prints:

Sculpture from shipping “pillows” – glue bottle sculpture (great for art classes) – craft by Cassie Stephens from Everyday Art Room. She talks a lot about creatively reusing materials in her classes.


Homemade soap shaped like a honeycomb

Ironed to make jewelry that looks like mother of pearl

Ironed bubble wrap heart ornaments
Ironed bubble wrap heart ornaments

Bubble wrap jewelry tutorial by Steven James in Jewelry Upcycled

“Rainbow shells” bracelet by Jen at Epbot

Snowflake earrings by Jen at Epbot

Halloween Costumes from Bubble Wrap

Jellyfish costume from a clear umbrella and bubble wrap
Marg Simpson’s tall blue hair from bubble wrap
Frog egg mass
• Wings for a bee or fly costume

Artists Who Incorporate Bubble Wrap into their Work

Bradley Hart makes pointillist paintings by injecting paint into the bubbles.

Alicia Wee paints bubble wrap, but not by injecting into it. She paints the surface of the bubbles

The design firm Lo Siento played with injecting liquid into bubble wrap, but instead of paint, they injected colorful water. They made letters in the bubble wrap resulting in a really cool font

Helmut Lang made a bubble wrap jacket in his Spring/Summer 2003 collection.

Moschino included a bubble wrap dress in their Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection.

Suzanne Jongmans also made clothing from bubble wrap, but it was not current fashion. She re-created many medieval and Renaissance clothing styles with bubble wrap and other shipping materials.

In 2012, Makoto Orisaki made huge trees made from bubble wrap.

Luca Gnizio is an ecosocial designer who recycles many materials and his current project involves making storage containers from padded envelopes.

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