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My name is Carla Brown and I host the podcast Trashmagination about the creative reuse of recycled materials. I have been making items from recycled materials since I was a teenager. It started because I wanted to make items in my high school art class that looked different from the other students. But I became really interested in the possibilities when I visited a garbage-free community in British Columbia called Hornby Island.

View my favorite creative reuse designs from my lifetime of experiments on the My Projects page.

My goal for the Trashmagination podcast is to be a creative reuse pep talk. I want to help people who are on a journey to zero waste. It takes time to learn how to live in a way that produces less trash. I am on that journey myself! So my hope is that we can make beautiful and useful items from the trash that is being produced.

A lot of the content focuses on what artists have made from recycled materials. I share their stories so widen our perspectives on what is possible. But I also share ideas for smaller projects many people can do without having any background in art.

Where does the word “Trashmagination” come from?

I came up with the term “trashmagination” when I heard the quote “Trash is the failure of imagination,” from¬†Aaron Kramer¬†from Urban Objects. It summarizes my belief that we can solve a lot of challenges with imagination.

What else is fun to know about me?

Please subscribe to the Trashmagination podcast wherever you listen to podcast – or you can listen right here at this website! Share your favorite parts with your friends and family. Let me know what trash or recycling items are challenging in your life, and I can research it for a future episode.

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  1. Suzanne Rossi on

    Hi Carla,

    I am a staff photographer at The Free Lance-Star newspaper in Fredericksburg, Va. I was wondering if you are located near Fredericksburg? I am interested in doing a story on a artist working with recycled materials.


    Suzanne Rossi