Upcycling my Wedding Quilt

In 1997, I sewed a quilt to display at my wedding ceremony but I didn’t love the design, so I have upcycled it into items I love more.

Tiny Embroidered Portraits

For my grandmother’s celebration of life, I made adorable embroidered portraits of her with each of her children.

Plastic Tubs Creative Reuse

Laundry soap and cooking oil come in heavy-duty plastic tubs or jugs that are tough to recycle – but you can creative reuse them at home and to make art.

Hangers Creative Reuse

Plastic, metal and wooden hangers can all be creatively reused to make furniture, costumes and other art.

Fluffy Rug Course

When I shared my new fluffy rug method made from recycled t-shirts, the social media posts went viral, so I have now made an online course so you can make your own!

Umbrellas Creative Reuse

You can make so many useful items from a broken umbrella, using just the fabric, just the frame, or both!

Hub Caps Creative Reuse

You can paint and sculpt plastic hub caps to make exquisite works of art – you’ll never look at a hub cap the same way again!

Dried Paint, Brushes, Cans Creative Reuse

Many paints are made with plastic so let’s find way to reduce our impact, and learn about ways to creatively reuse paint, brushes, graffiti, spray paint cans and more.

Yoga Mats Creative Reuse

Get lots of ideas for how to use your old yoga mats, plus learn about a type of yoga mat made from recycled neoprene wetsuits!

8 Items You Might Not Creative Reuse

Trashmagination is all about encouraging you to creatively reuse found items and recyclables to make art. However, some materials can be hazardous to your health if you don’t take precautions when working with them.