Bicycle Parts Creative Reuse

Make jewelry, home decor and even musical instruments from bicycle parts such as chains, spokes, rims, gears, brake cables, handlebars, pedals, seats and frames.

Cigarettes, Lighters and Old Vending Machines

Art and crafts from cigarette butts? Disgusting! Get amazed by what people have made from thousands of cigarette butts, plastic lighters, cigarette packaging, cigar boxes and cigarette vending machines.

Denim Jeans Recycling

What can you make with jeans that are out-of-style, ripped beyond repair or painted, or with the leftovers when you make a quilt from jeans?

Playgrounds from Recycled Materials

Even if you don’t have kids, playgrounds can be a great case study in creative reuse. Come learn about playgrounds made from recycled tires, wood, metal, plastic, cardboard and fabric.

Clementine Boxes

I designed a clementine box craft called a lenticular photo display using the triangular wood shapes from clementine boxes.

Bread Tags or Clips

Bread tags or clips may seem like a small item, but when you realize that there are millions of them in the world, it adds up to a lot of plastic that is challenging to recycle.

Make Art from Chopsticks

Global demand for disposable chopsticks has been increasing so remember to carry your own, and get ideas on creatively reusing your old disposable ones.

Beach Trash Art

The Sixth International Marine Debris Conference is taking place, people are heading out on spring break, and people are figuring out that plastic straws are terrible – it’s time to make art from beach trash!

Shoes: Recycling and Reusing

Whether your shoes are in great shape or falling apart, get tips on what you can do to reduce your shoe collection.

Recycling Fruit Stickers

Did you know the stickers on fruit are made from plastic? Be sure to remove them before you compost and now get creative ideas for what to do with them.

Recycle Broken Zippers

The next time a zipper breaks, don’t throw away the item and the zipper! You might be able to salvage both.