Marna with recycled tennis balls

Tennis Balls and Rackets Creative Reuse

Each year, 325 million tennis balls are made in the world. Wimbledon alone produces 36,000 tennis balls that would go into the trash if they were not creatively reused. But there are many ways to creatively reuse tennis balls and rackets – so get started today!

This episode was inspired by my friend and Trashmagination supporter Marna who gave me these two bags of tennis balls that she rescued.

You can listen to my podcast episode about creative reuse of tennis balls and racquets in this YouTube video. It originally aired in July 2019.

At Wimbledon, the Wildlife Trust upcycles many balls into habitat for Eurasian field mice.

One way to creatively reuse tennis balls is to repressurize them using a machine from Rebounces.

RecycleBalls collects used tennis balls from 120,000 locations around the US to be chopped up into crumb rubber.

In the United Kingdom, there is an organization called Recycle Tennis Balls which collects balls to donate to dog charities as play toys.

Tennis Balls for Physical Training and Physical Therapy

Mr. Mouth fine motor skill activity

Tennis ball sensory chair made by a speech language pathologist

Tennis ball grip on a paint brush

Tennis ball drills for breast stroke swim training

Poi – a Maori training technique that involves swinging a ball on a rope

Great stretches with a tennis ball

Pilates recommendations with a half tennis ball

Tennis Ball Toy and Game Ideas

10 Easy Outdoor Games (some use tennis balls)

Ladder golf with tennis ball bolo

Easy DIY Dog Toys – also check out a past Trashmagination episode about creative reuse and pet gear

Tennis Balls for Crafts

Manikord – change purses and phone cases from tennis balls

Bath bomb mold made from half a tennis ball

Trashmagination’s Pinterest board with many tennis ball crafts

CORRECTION: In this podcast episode, I say that the artist asherjasper makes her work from needle-felted tennis balls, but that is not the case. My apologies for my confusion! I still think it could be a great idea for creative reuse of tennis balls!

Tennis Balls for Furniture

Tennis Lounge by Garth Britzman

Dog Bed from tennis balls by Hugh Hayden

Wooden tennis ball chair tutorial by William Holman

Tejo Remy and Rene Veenhuizen benches made from tennis balls

Tennis Ball Canister Creative Reuse

Bird feeder from tennis ball canister

Tennis Racquet / Racket Creative Reuse

Sadie Seasongoods cross-stitches on rackets or racquets

The Gathered Home racquet needlepoint tutorial

Danielle Clough’s embroidered rackets / racquets

Necklace pendants from racquets by Sadie Seasongoods

Woodworking tutorials with recycled racquets / rackets

Tennis racquet table
Tennis award shelf
Tennis racquet basket
Tennis racquet table

Tennis racquet butterfly net tutorial

Fishing net from tennis racquet

Beaded tennis racquet garden art

Artists Who Incorporate Tennis Balls and Racquets into Their Work

Ana Soler Baena, Causa-Efecto (2012)

Donald Lipski – Tennis Racquet Sculpture at the Washington Convention Center

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