Making a mosaic at the Silver Spring Maker Faire

Dish & Pottery Creative Reuse

Are you cleaning out unwanted or chipped dishes, inspired by decluttering shows? Get lots of ideas of what to do with ceramic, porcelain, clay or glass dishes.

You can listen to my podcast episode on creative reuse of dishes and pottery in this YouTube video. It originally aired in January 2019.

Where Can You Bring Unwanted Dishes and Pottery?

Check with local organizations who support veterans or people who are moving in transitional housing, as well as homeless and women’s support centers.

The organization Operation Homefront helps set up households for veterans in some areas of the United States.

On Facebook, there are many Buy Nothing groups where you can get the dishes directly to the people who need them most rather than flooding thrift stores.

If you have vintage Pyrex dishes, you might be able to sell them on collector websites or eBay.

If you have fine china, you might be able to sell them to collectors through the International Association of Dinnerware Matchers.

Can You Put Broken Dishes in the Recycling Bin?

Ceramics are considered to be contamination in most municipal recycling programs . So don’t put broken dishes in your recycling bin. And if you are going to put them in the trash, be sure to securely tape up the broken pieces in a cardboard box labelled “broken dish” to keep your trash collection team safe.

Home Decor & Garden Projects to Creatively Reuse Dishes & Pottery

Check Trashmagination’s Pinterest board of project ideas for dishes and pottery

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. While the masters of kintsugi will make extraordinary art, it is still possible for those of us who are not experts to experiment with this technique. You only need two materials – a two-part clear epoxy and mica powder.

Water-wise flowers

Glue glass dishes together to make a flower and display in your garden.

“Garden Totem” – glassware glued together in a tower to bring rainbows to your garden

Teacup and Mug Birdfeeders

Upcycle a Glass Lid into a Bird Bath

Teapot Birdhouse

Artists Who Creatively Reuse Dishes & Pottery

Juliet Ames, The Broken Plate Company upcycles family heirloom dishes into necklaces and other art.

Valentina Jones cuts plates into statement necklace pendants.

Karen Dixon, Studio Underwood makes necklaces from recycled dishes that look like they were found in an archeological dig.

Mimi Kirchner makes tiny worlds in teacups.

Li Xiaofeng makes dresses and suits from blue and white dishes.

Zemer Peled makes giant spiky sculptures from broken porcelain.

Bouke de Vries

Penny Byrne

Penny transforms traditional porcelain sculptures into political statements.

Karin van der Molen

Karin builds large sculptures from recycled dishes which she called Kintsugi sculptures. Many are located outside. Her piece Kintsugi Coral evokes a coral reef and was featured at Sculpture by the Sea.

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