How Family & Friends Support My Trashmagination Vision

Me and my able assistant Nora with the Story Loom

Every day is Valentine’s Day when people help with Trashmagination.

Are you familiar with the book The Five Love Languages? It puts forward the idea that if you understand someone’s “love language,” you will be able to more clearly communicate how you feel to that person in a way that they can receive the message.

My primary love language is Acts of Service, and that’s why it means so much when my family and friends help with Trashmagination projects.

In this podcast, I share big and small ways that they supported Trashmagination. Hopefully this inspires you to think of ways you could support the visions of the people you love.

Bob drills holes to make the Story Loom

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One thought on “How Family & Friends Support My Trashmagination Vision

  1. Carl Brown on

    Carla – I listened to your podcast and was impressed. The presentation was clear and honest and from the heart. I’m sure there are radio stations who would pay for this type of effort – already neatly packaged for them in a concise way. Good job putting it together. I know you believe in it and “walk the talk” as well.