Crocheted doll beds from plastic dish soap containers

Dollhouse Furniture from Recycled Materials

Did you make dollhouse furniture when you were small? Maybe a sleeping bag from a sock? Check out the world of modern dollhouse accessorizing!  Some adults make them as a hobby and even for a business in a world fascinated with miniatures. Check out the ingenious ways people are furnishing dollhouses with recycled materials.

You can listen to my podcast episode on making dollhouse furniture from recycled materials in this YouTube video. It originally aired in December 2017.

Example dollhouse from Renwick
Example dollhouse from Renwick

Crime Scene Dollhouse Exhibit

I got the idea to make this podcast episode after visiting an exhibit at the Renwick Gallery in Washington DC called Murder is Her Hobby: Frances Glessner Lee and the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death. The exhibit is showing until January 28, 2018. After that, you’ll need to make an appointment with the Baltimore Medical Examiner’s office to see the dollhouses.

Check out this podcast about the exhibit on Sidedoor by the Smithsonian.

Youtube Channels with Great Dollhouse Furniture from Recycled Materials

Simple Kids Crafts

Check out her washing machine that really washes clothes!

My Froggy Stuff

Her toilet is my favorite design! Check it out starting at 3:20 in this video.

The Square to Spare

Incredible musical instruments from craft sticks

Other Dollhouse Furniture and Accessories Projects Mentioned

These are my favorite projects because they make dollhouse furniture and accessories from items that can be  challenging to recycle otherwise.

Dollhouse Inspiration

These sources are not necessarily using recycled materials, but are making a living designing dollhouses that are as inspiring for adults as kids.

Call of the Small by Christine Ferrara

Modern Mini Houses by Megan Hornbecker

Miniature Trend Examples

App to “miniaturize” photos – Awesome Miniature
Miniature Space – cooking show
Miniature Cusina – cooking show

My Family’s Dollhouse Adventures

Dino-Spa Activity

Dino Spa Clientele
Dino Spa Clientele
Dino Spa treatment
Dino Spa treatment
Dino Spa - nails done in washable paint
Dino Spa – nails done in washable paint

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