Austin Bike Zoo butterfly bicycle

Bicycle Parts Creative Reuse

Make jewelry, home decor and even musical instruments from bicycle parts such as chains, spokes, rims, gears, brake cables, handlebars, pedals, seats and frames. You will never look at a bicycle the same way again after listening to this podcast episode and checking out the Trashmagination Pinterest board of items to make with bicycle parts.

You can listen to my podcast episode on creative reuse of bicycle parts in this YouTube video. It originally aired in September 2018.

Places to Bring Functional Bicycles

You will need to find the organizations in your region, but here are three examples of organizations and how they gather bicycles.

Artists Working with Bicycle Chains

John T. Benedict

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga

Young-Deok Seo

Projects You Can Do with Bicycle Chains

Bicycle Chain Bracelet Basic Welding Tutorial

Bicycle Spoke Projects

Bicycle Spoke Ornament

I love the designs by WinterWomanDesigns in New Hampshire.

Bicycle Pedals Made from Recycled Materials

Bioplastic made from 70% rice husks and 30% recycled plastic bottles

What to Make with Bicycle Rims

What to Make with Bicycle Gears

What to Make with Bicycle Handle Bars, Seats and Frames

Picasso set the standard for the creative reuse of handle bars and seats when he made a sculpture that looked like a stylistic bull’s head from these materials.

Two companies who make these bull’s heads for home décor or bicycle storage are:

On my Pinterest board, you’ll find a lot of furniture and lamps made from bicycle handlebars, seats and frames

Check out Willie Cole’s piece in the Metropolitan Museum of Art made from bicycle frames

Bicycles and Knitting or Yarn

Cyclo Knitter by George Barratt-Jones

Asma Chaudhary

Asma Chaudhary and her amazing bicycle trailer art
Asma Chaudhary and her amazing bicycle trailer art

Bicycles as Art

Marcel Duchamp

Tylur French ].

Jarbas Lopes
A series called Cicloviaérea or “Aerial Bikeway”

David Clement from Jemicy Upper School
Discussed in the most popular episode of Trashmagination about recycled art contests

Bicycle Art by David Clement, Jemicy Upper School
Bicycle Art by David Clement, Jemicy Upper School

Amazing Experiences on Bicycles

My goal is not only to help you make more stuff from bicycles, but to have more amazing experiences. Here are three examples of people designing experiences from bicycles.

The Austin Bike Zoo

Welcome to The Bike Zoo! from The Bike Zoo on Vimeo.

Austin Bike Zoo butterfly bicycle
My daughter and I had the opportunity to ride one of the Austin Bike Zoo butterfly bicycles at the World Maker Faire in New York City in 2013

Steven Baber
Composed a song called Bespoken made from sounds that he gathers from bicycles

Johnnyrandom | Bespoken from Johnnyrandom on Vimeo.

Merche Blasco
Composed a song to be played with bicycle bells

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