Hanging out at Tuckahoe Park playground in Arlington

Playgrounds from Recycled Materials

Even if you don’t have kids, playgrounds can be a great case study in creative reuse. Come learn about playgrounds made from recycled tires, wood, metal, plastic, cardboard and fabric.

You can listen to my podcast episode on playgrounds from recycled materials in this YouTube video. It originally aired in July 2018.

Playgrounds from Recycled Materials

Ruganzu Bruno’s plastic bottle playgrounds in Uganda

Plastic bottle designs in Crete in a wire fence

Thomas Dambo’s Shark from Waste Wood

Thomas Dambos’s Six Forgotten Giants from Waste Wood

Recycled Skateboard Swing

Tri-wizard Tournament Cardboard Maze at Denver Public Library

Boxwars – adult cardboard play event

Basurama’s Playground from Recycled Water Tanks in Taiwan

Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam’s Crocheted Playgrounds

How to Build a Cardboard Slide

Knit or Crocheted Water Balloons

Playgrounds that Encourage Creative Reuse and Recycling of Materials

Adventure Playground on Governor’s Island, New York City

Glamis Adventure Playground, London

The Land (Teaser) from Play Free Movie on Vimeo.

Free Range Playground, Denver, Colorado

FreeRange Playground – Risk Taking, Child Led, Free Play for Denver Kids from Leslie James on Vimeo.

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