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Pet Accessories from Recycled Materials

Let’s make presents for our pets from recycled materials! We’ll get ideas for:

  • pet beds, feeding and play structures
  • pet leashes, harnesses, clothing and costumes
  • pet toys

You can listen to my podcast episode on pet accessories made from recycled materials in this YouTube video. It originally aired in February 2018.

To see all the project ideas, visit Trashmagination’s Pinterest board of creative reuse ideas for pets.

Pet Beds and Play Structures

My favorite project ideas are dog beds from wooden pallets, dresser drawers, vintage suitcases or old furniture.

For cats, I love the cat tent from a recycled t-shirt, as well as creative cat playground ideas that can be installed high up on your walls.

Companies who sew tailored items for dogs from recycled materials:

Cat Toys from Recycled Materials

Nicole Betters mice toys for cats crocheted from plastic bags

Marna with recycled tennis balls
Be careful to play with only one tennis ball at a time, and put it away after play so your dog does not chew it and choke on it.

Dog Toys from Recycled Materials

Toys for Small Pets from Recycled Materials

Creative Reuse of Pet Waste

Park Spark – dog waste processor in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Make Your Own Dog Waste Composter

What’s the best cat litter for the environment? (Scientific American article)

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