Maker Faires and Community Events

Trashmagination had a table at KIDfest. In this podcast, I share observations about what worked and what didn’t, and how it can help me focus my Trashmagination energies going forward.

Broken Crayons and Dried-Out Markers

It’s time to buy school supplies in North America. My kids have a pile of crayon nubs and dried-out markers from last year, so I got to work testing ideas for creative reuse!

Scrap Wood Reuse

Wood makes up about 6 percent of the waste stream in the United States – so get inspired to make simple projects from scrap wood.

Trash Fashion

Trash fashion is clothing made from trash or recyclable materials.

Taiko and Creative Reuse

My two hobbies – creative reuse of trash and playing taiko – actually have a lot in common. Learn how creative reuse is part of taiko.

Wine Corks – Easy to Reuse

If you are interested in trying out creative reuse, but you are not sure what material to collect, wine corks are a great place to start.

New Uses for Old Trophies

Do you have a box of old trophies that are gathering dust? Find places to send them or crafts to make with them.

Hooked Rug Gifts

Rugs I have hooked from recycled yarn, wool, t-shirts and other fibers as gifts to family and friends