Taiko and Creative Reuse

If you listen to the Trashmagination podcast, you know I creatively reuse trash. My other hobby is playing taiko, or Japanese drums. You wouldn’t think those hobbies would have any commonalities – but they do!

Fun Facts about Taiko and Creative Reuse:

  • Most taiko built in North America are actually a great example of creative reuse.
  • The Japanese word motannai means to regret waste and the word gomi means trash.
  • You can make a practice taiko from a trash can.
  • Both taiko and Trashmagination are built on the same value of interdependence.
  • I first learned about taiko because of Trashmagination.

Motainnai Song by Nobuko Miyamoto and FandangObon

Taiko-themed Creative Reuse Crafts by Trashmagination

Taiko player craft from recycled plastic caps - playing okedo

Trashmagination Checklist –  Recommendations of Activities to Try Based on this Episode

  1. Try a new activity – Expand your happiness by continuing to try activities, even when you think you are old enough to be set in your ways.
  2. Find a taiko performance near you – Spring and summer is a great time to find taiko as we participate in Cherry Blossom events in spring and Obon festivals in summer.
  3. Find a group of people who want to chase a goal with you – It can be life-changing to be part of a group where everyone is motivated with the idea of doing something great.

My taiko group is Nen Daiko

Playing taiko with Nen Daiko - Photo by Bruce Guthrie

Playing taiko with Nen Daiko – Photo by Bruce Guthrie

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