Wine Corks – Easy to Reuse

Okedo craft from recycled plastic caps and wine corks

If you are interested in trying out creative reuse, but you are not sure what material to collect, wine corks are a great place to start. My bath mat made from wine corks has consistently been one of the most popular projects on my blog.

If you collect wine corks in quantity, and then find you don’t have a project for them, they are a very popular materials with crafters. You can give them away via Freecycle.

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This book, Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson, is recommended in the podcast. Purchase it through this link to support the Trashmagination podcast:

This podcast also talks about how you can reach out to your friends for creative reuse materials. There are many benefits, such as helping your friends. There are also downsides, such as when people try to give you things that you didn’t ask for.

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