Hangers Creative Reuse

Plastic, metal and wooden hangers can all be creatively reused to make furniture, costumes and other art.

Buttons Creative Reuse

Learn about the incredible ways artists work with buttons and get ideas for creatively reusing your own buttons.

Furniture Upcycling

When you see furniture curbside, do you wish you knew a way to bring it back to life?

Recycled Art Sculpture Trails

Would you like to attract people to your town to enjoy nature and art? You could organize a recycled art sculpture trail.

Skateboard Creative Reuse

You likely have a pile of broken skateboards if you love skateboarding but the good news is that many artists creatively reuse skateboards to make awesome stuff. And if you are into woodworking, get inspired to source material from the skate park.

Clementine Boxes

I designed a clementine box craft called a lenticular photo display using the triangular wood shapes from clementine boxes.

Make Art from Chopsticks

Global demand for disposable chopsticks has been increasing so remember to carry your own, and get ideas on creatively reusing your old disposable ones.

Beach Trash Art

The Sixth International Marine Debris Conference is taking place, people are heading out on spring break, and people are figuring out that plastic straws are terrible – it’s time to make art from beach trash!

Christmas Trees from Recycled Materials

Did you know you can make Christmas trees from scrap wood, cardboard, plastic, metal and fabric? There are so many more choices than chopping down a tree or buying a plastic one.

Scrap Wood Reuse

Wood makes up about 6 percent of the waste stream in the United States – so get inspired to make simple projects from scrap wood.

Taiko and Creative Reuse

My two hobbies – creative reuse of trash and playing taiko – actually have a lot in common. Learn how creative reuse is part of taiko.