Wooden and plastic hangers on a clothing rack

Hangers Creative Reuse

Plastic, metal and wooden hangers can all be creatively reused to make furniture, costumes and other art. Did you know that billions of plastic hangers are thrown away every year?

You can listen to my podcast episode about creative reuse of hangers from April 2021 in this YouTube video:

Companies that Recycle Hangers or Make Environmental Friendlier Ones

  • JDM Sorting in the United States (http://jdmsorting.com/) – plastic hanger recycling
  • Tam Hangers in the United Kingdom (https://www.tamhangers.com/about) – plastic hanger closed loop system
  • Enviro Hanger (https://envirohanger.com/) – recycled paper hangers
  • Arch & Hook (https://www.archandhook.com/) – hangers made from marine plastic waste and Forest Stewardship Council certified wood

Wooden Hanger Projects

Eva Mota’s wooden hanger furniture designs (content is in Portuguese)

Recreate Design Company’s wooden hanger reuse suggestions

How to make a coat rack from wooden hangers

Metal Hanger Projects

Sunburst Mirror by Love Create Celebrate

Plastic Hanger Projects

Holiday decorations made from geometric designs of plastic hangers – check out ideas on the Trashmagination Pinterest board for hangers

Chandelier made from plastic hangers

Room divider made from plastic hangers

Artists Who Creatively Reuse Hangers

Şakir Gökçebağ

David Mach

Suzanne Tick

Gilbert Legrand

Mouse from clip hanger

Race car from wooden hanger

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