Wool feather trees by Gloria Brown, March 2017

Christmas Trees from Recycled Materials

Did you know you can make Christmas trees from scrap wood, cardboard, plastic, metal and fabric? There are so many more choices than chopping down a tree or buying a plastic one. Let’s get creative with ideas from people around the world.

This podcast episode was inspired by a tree-decorating contest in the Philippines – where the trees and decorations had to be made from recycled materials. What a great event idea!

You can listen to my podcast episode about making Christmas trees from recycled materials in this YouTube video. It originally aired in November 2017.

To see pictures of many ideas, visit the Trashmagination Pinterest board of Christmas Trees from Recycled Materials.

Companies that Make Reusable Christmas Trees from Lumber

Most of these companies do not use scrap wood, but if you’d like to build your own, their designs can be an inspiration. Also, most companies only ship within their home countries due to the high costs of shipping a bulky, heavy item.

Tutorials to Make Christmas Trees from Palett Wood

Thomas Dambo’s Cardboard Christmas Tree Tutorial

Learn more about Thomas’ ReMake Christmas Project.

Caroline Beghin-Kircher’s Trees from Driftwood and Fishing Poles

Driftwood tree
Fishing pole tree

Christmas Trees from Recycled Plastic

My Christmas Tree Ornament from Recycled Green Plastic Caps

Christmas Tree from Green Plastic Caps made by Trashmagination
Christmas Tree from Green Plastic Caps made by Trashmagination

Tutorials to Make Trees from Plastic Bottles and Caps

Tree Made from Plastic Milk Jugs

Brookside Garden of Lights - made from recycled milk jugs
A recycled milk jug “bottle tree” at the 2012 Garden of Lights in Wheaton, MD

Christmas Trees from Vintage Metal Items

Round metal baking pans or “tart tins”
Two old hand saws
Folding ruler
Rolling pins (not necessarily metal, but you get the idea)
Metal funnels
Metal rakes

Christmas Trees from Recycled Wool

Felted Sweaters by Ellen Baker from The Long Thread

My Mom with her Wool Feather Trees

My mom with her wool feather trees, March 2017
My mom, Gloria Brown, with her wool feather trees, March 2017

Wool Feather Trees Tutorial

More Unusual Christmas Trees from Recycled Materials

Lobster Pot Christmas Tree
Mussel Shell Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree from Recycled Windows in Rakvere, Estonia

Companies that Rent Live Christmas Trees

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