Upcycling my Wedding Quilt

In 1997, I sewed a quilt to display at my wedding ceremony but I didn’t love the design, so I have upcycled it into items I love more.

Umbrellas Creative Reuse

You can make so many useful items from a broken umbrella, using just the fabric, just the frame, or both!

Visible Mending

There is a creative reuse trend to mend your clothes with decorative stitches, making the item stronger and also more beautiful.

Buttons Creative Reuse

Learn about the incredible ways artists work with buttons and get ideas for creatively reusing your own buttons.

Money – Coins and Bills

Artists cut, paint, stack, carve and weld coins, as well as fold and embroider paper bills to make art.

Bras Creative Reuse

Whether your bras are gently-used or well-worn, get tips on places you can donate or art you can make.

Inner Tubes Creative Reuse

Some artisans call inner tubes vegan leather because they can be cut and sewn together like leather, so come get ideas for what you can do with recycled inner tubes.

Memory Keepsakes

Memory keepsakes are items made from clothing when someone passes away.