Dressed up as Atlas for Halloween with my plastic cap globe

Recycled Plastic Cap Crafts

It can be confusing to know how best to recycle plastic caps. Do they go in the recycling bin? Plastic caps are often a different type of plastic than the bottles themselves. Also, plastic caps do not have that little triangle symbol to tell you what type of plastic they are made from – so how can you know for certain if you are putting the right type of plastic in your recycling bin?

I have designed many projects from plastic caps, partially because the recycling options are often unsatisfying, but also because they are colorful and fun to use in projects!

You can listen to my podcast episode about creative reuse of plastic caps into crafts in this YouTube video. It originally aired in March 2017.

If you want to recycle plastic caps and your municipality does not take all plastic types, check out the Gimme 5 program. Thank you to Whole Foods and Preserve for running this program for so many years!

Trashmagination’s Plastic Cap Creative Reuse Projects

Taiko player craft from recycled plastic caps - playing okedo

Plastic Cap Inspiration

Plastic cap octopus or squid

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