Tiny Embroidered Portraits

For my grandmother’s celebration of life, I made adorable embroidered portraits of her with each of her children.

Fluffy Rug Course

When I shared my new fluffy rug method made from recycled t-shirts, the social media posts went viral, so I have now made an online course so you can make your own!

Umbrellas Creative Reuse

You can make so many useful items from a broken umbrella, using just the fabric, just the frame, or both!

Weighted Blankets

Most weighted blankets get their heft by containing plastic or glass pellets but I made one with recycled denim blue jeans.

Rope Creative Reuse

From shopping bag handles to fishing gear, there is a lot of rope that can be creatively reused!

Igloo from Plastic Jugs

We built an igloo from plastic jugs for Maker Faire NoVa and we used a method no one had used before (zip ties!)

Denim Jeans Recycling

What can you make with jeans that are out-of-style, ripped beyond repair or painted, or with the leftovers when you make a quilt from jeans?

Clementine Boxes

I designed a clementine box craft called a lenticular photo display using the triangular wood shapes from clementine boxes.

Recycle Broken Zippers

The next time a zipper breaks, don’t throw away the item and the zipper! You might be able to salvage both.

Christmas Trees from Recycled Materials

Did you know you can make Christmas trees from scrap wood, cardboard, plastic, metal and fabric? There are so many more choices than chopping down a tree or buying a plastic one.