Weaving Black Belt Awards

Since 2009, I have been learning about something called Innovation Engineering as a method for making innovation into a predictable process rather than an epiphany that bonks you in the head. I am a HUGE fan and use the methods to create new ideas for Trashmagination and at work.

Recently, the folks who make Innovation Engineering created a program whereby you could become certified. There are Green Belts, Blue Belts and Black Belts. I am currently a Blue Belt working on becoming a Black Belt.

My colleague Schelli Dittmann and her partner Aimee Dobrzeniecki recently completed all the requirements to become Black Belts. I was so proud of them and wanted to help them celebrate. So I used my newly minted weaving skills and made them each a black belt. I wove them from a recycled black t-shirt cut into strips. I sewed a label on each, and then on the back, I sewed seed beads into braille for the words Innovation Engineering.

Braille for "Innovation Engineering" made with seed beads on black belts

Braille for “Innovation Engineering” made with seed beads on black belts

I managed to get these woven and sewn while preparing for my own Black Belt class, which was a bit crazy because I was trying to watch 16 hours of training video while also doing all the regular life stuff. But I was very pleased with the final belts. It is important that they know how much they inspire me every day, and they know how grateful I am that they shared Innovation Engineering with me.

Schelli holding up handmade black belts

Schelli holding up handmade black belts

Giving woven black belt award to Schelli

Giving woven black belt award to Schelli


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