Wavemaker - My Weaving a Life Doll

Wavemaker – My Weaving A Life Doll

My latest homework assignment for my Weaving a Life certification was to make a doll. The form of the doll was inspired by a guided meditation. Have you ever tried guided meditation? It involves lying down in a comfortable position, and then having someone read a story to you. In the story you are asked to imagine yourself on a journey. I won’t go into the details too much because if you ever get to try it, it’s best if you don’t know much about what to expect.

I have done guided meditation as part of my Innovation Engineering work, and I love it. I find it quite comfortable to allow my brain to go into a trance-like state and I enjoy the images that pop up based on the story. I have to suspend the judging part of my brain and just think, “Yes, that was meant to come into my mind.” I love how the story becomes more complex, how some parts fit together and some do not.

In this meditation, I visited my future self and the nickname she gave me was Wavemaker. She was wearing clothing made from small pieces of plastic sewn together. She was very colorful.

The name Wavemaker is a combination of the name Wavey, which is a traditional Newfoundland name I always liked, and the word “Maker,” which is a word that I use to describe my approach to life.

How I Made Wavemaker

I wove her body on a loom using a variegated yarn with a mix of blue, turquoise, red and yellow. Her body is filled with “good luck rocks” from Prince Edward Island.

Wavemaker's woven body and some of the PEI rocks that went inside
Wavemaker’s woven body and some of the PEI rocks that went inside

Her arms have stitches on them that meander to represent the non-linear path that I have taken to find my true destiny.

Wavemaker's arm with pipe cleaner skeleton
Wavemaker’s arm with pipe cleaner skeleton

From her face comes many colorful waves of energy. She wears an outfit made from pieces of plastic lids sewn together.

Close-up of embroidery on Wavemaker's face
Close-up of embroidery on Wavemaker’s face

In my coursebook, it says that another student calls her doll her “self-phone,” or a way to get in touch with yourself. When I look at Wavemaker, it will remind me of the journey that I am taking to find my best life’s work – a journey that can get lost in the hustle & bustle of every day life.

Wavemaker enjoys the sunshine
Wavemaker enjoys the sunshine