The Trashmagination Banner I sewed

Trashmagination Banner for Maker Faire

I’m very excited that I made a beautiful banner for this weekend’s Maker Faire, where I am going to have a Trashmagination table.

I wanted the banner to be a very bright color, so I chose this orange.

The banner is tall because I’m going to hang it up behind my table between two coat racks. Then I’m going to pin things to it such as examples of Trashmagination projects, or the poster I made of all my recycled Halloween costumes.

While I was sewing it, our foster cat Charles kept attacking my feet through the fabric that was near the floor. He is still attacking it now that it is done.

I hope you come to the first Maker Faire in Northern Virginia and see my table! We’ll be making milk jug butterflies and cap-erpillars! I’m sure I’ll put up lots of photos from the Maker Faire after Sunday!

Charles attacks the Trashmagination banner
Charles attacks the Trashmagination banner