Trashmagination dinner - chicken soup & bread pudding

Reducing Food Waste – Chicken Soup and Bread Pudding

Trashmagination can apply to food as well, and here are two recipes I make when using things up.

We always make chicken soup with the bones from a full chicken dinner. I add red lentils to add more protein and to make it thicker like stew. In this case, I had roasted some chicken drumsticks as well, but my kids did not like the coating, so I threw them in the soup instead.

And here is bread pudding with a meringue on top. I love bread pudding because it uses up bread, but also I love how you use the yolks in the pudding and the whites in the meringue – nothing left out.

Other Trashmagination recipes in our household:

* smoothies with bananas that I tossed in the freezer because they were turning brown

* banana coconut muffins – I don’t have a banana bread recipe I like but we have a muffins recipe that rocks

* jam muffins – You put the jam right in the uncooked dough and then you get a surprise in the muffin

What recipes do you have in your household rotation to use up food that needs to get moved?

(My sister calls this inventory management.)