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Yoga Mats Creative Reuse

Many yoga mats are made from plastics that are difficult to recycle, but there are lots of ways to creatively reuse them. Get lots of ideas for how to use your old yoga mats, plus learn about a type of yoga mat made from recycled neoprene wetsuits!

You can listen to this podcast episode on creative reuse of yoga mats from November 2017 in this YouTube video:

Yoga Mats Made from Recycled Materials

Sugamat – yoga mats from recycled neoprene wetsuits

Yoga Design Lab – yoga mats from recycled plastic bottles

Products Made from Recycled Yoga Mats

Sanuk sandals

Nahlo sandals

Ways to Creatively Reuse Yoga Mats at Home

Pet owners and animal shelters reuse yoga mats for:

  1. lining pet crates
  2. protecting the floor under pet dishes of their pets for when they spill food or water
  3. protecting the floor under a kitty litter pan
  4. protecting their trunk (or boot) of their car when transporting pets

In the kitchen you can cut up old yoga mats to make:

  1. a gripper to take lids off jars
  2. placemats
  3. coasters
  4. drawer liners
  5. under your dish drying rack

Gardeners use old yoga mats to protect their knees when working on the ground.

Campers use old yoga mats as a place to take off their shoes outside their tent door to keep from tracking in dirt.

People use yoga mats instead of a towel at the beach or to cushion the seating at sports events.

You can cut a yoga mat to make a mouse pad.

You can use it as a bath mat.

You can do your puzzle on a yoga mat and roll it up for storage.

You can pad fragile items like musical instruments.

Crafts from Yoga Mats

Cut yoga mats into shapes, letters or numbers for educational materials.

Make a “sensory mat” by attaching items with many textures on yoga mats.

More info about “sensory rugs”

Make a hopscotch from a yoga mat.

Make a bowling game from a yoga mat.

Cut your yoga mat into bases for a game of baseball.

This physical therapist shares many sensory activities you can make with yoga mats.

Halloween costumes can be made from yoga mats:

  1. Make a pizza slice costume by cutting a hole for your head in a beige yoga mat. Then cut two triangles hanging down in front and back and decorate it with pretend pizza toppings.
  2. Fiona Joy made Viking hats from gray and white yoga mats for an Asterix Halloween costume.

Yoga Mat Bags from Recycled Materials

You can make a yoga mat quickly from the leg of a pair of pants or trousers. This is a great beginner sewing project. Some people crochet yoga mat bags from plarn made from recycled t-shirts or plastic bags.

Artists who Creatively Reuse Yoga Mats

Alex Ebstein made works that look like Matisse cutouts using yoga mats.

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