Tea tins on square shelves by Jonathan Kemper, Unsplash

Tin Containers Creative Reuse

Cookie, biscuit, candy or tea tin containers are all so cute and we tend to hold on to them. Today we’ll talk about ways you could creatively reuse tins that are sentimental to you, or if you are looking for a fun craft project.

You can listen to my podcast episode about creative reuse of tin containers from March 2021 in this YouTube video:

Artists Who Creatively Reuse Tin Containers

Kim Fox, Workerbird

Kim did a successful Kickstarter to fund her tin artwork inspired by ice-fishing shacks.

Barbara Franc

Barbara makes vivid animal sculptures where tin often form the skin.

Rupert Blanchard

He covered a desk with biscuit tin panels.

Devin McNutt from Saffron Creations

Christine Terrell from Adaptive Reuser

Melissa Cameron

Altoid or Mint Tin Container Projects

“Altered tins” involve decorating the tins in whatever aesthetic you love.

Larissa Holland from mmmcrafts designs popular embroidered felt patterns. She has a pattern to make a tiny mouse in a sleeping bag that lives in an Altoid tin called the Wee Mouse Tin House.

Pillar Box Blue has a tutorial for making ornaments from mint tins combined with holiday cards.

You can make a “Night Sender Key” which is a tool to learn and practice Morse code.

You can store your fishing flies in a mint box.

You can put homemade lip balm in a tin box.

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Antique Swiss Tins on a shelf by Margit Umbach, Unsplash
Antique Swiss Tins on a shelf by Margit Umbach, Unsplash