Coffee Grounds, Pods and Capsules Recycling

If you like coffee made from K-Cups or Nespresso pods, this episode will inspire you to not only recycle them, but make them into beautiful and useful items. Plus your coffee grounds can be used for much more than just compost.

Trashmagination Pinterest board with ideas for creative reuse of coffee pods / capsules and coffee grounds

My Halloween Costumes Made from K-Cups

Octopus costume, 2002
Octopus costume, 2002
Zebra Costume from Keurig cups
Zebra Costume from Keurig cups

Compostable Coffee Pods

Glory Brew

Halo Coffee Co.

Nespresso Pod Crafts

Nespresso jewelry designed by Kathleen Nowak Tucci, worn by Lily Tomlin in the TV show Grace and Frankie, Season 6

Good job Allyson Fanger for featuring creative reuse art in the show!

Trash Fashion made from K-Cups and Nespresso Capsules

Other Artwork from Nespresso Pods

Craft club makes portrait of Queen Elizabeth in 2016

Australian indigenous artist John Kundereri Moriarty makes art with traditional motifs from Nespresso pods

Coffee in Personal Care Items

Coffee in Home Care

Coffee ground cakes to keep garbage disposal or fridge smelling fresh

Coffee grounds to fix furniture scratches

Make stain or paint from coffee grounds

Coffee Ground Painters

Make “Texture Paste”

Companies Who Creatively Reuse Coffee Grounds into New Products

Kaffeform makes coffee cups from coffee grounds.

Kaffeform Creates Reusable Coffee Cups From Coffee Grounds

Instead of dumping leftover coffee grounds, this company is turning them into coffee cups

Posted by NowThis Future on Friday, July 20, 2018

Bio-bean makes logs and pellets for fireplaces or stoves from coffee grounds.

Hear an interview with Bio-bean on Trash Talking with Eco-Warriors.

Coalatree makes sweatshirts from coffee grounds.

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