My First Weaving a Life Amulet

This week’s homework assignment for my Weaving Circle Leader Training is to make an amulet. My assignment was to make an amulet to explore the most important thing for me this year. I decided to explore the next steps in my meaning of life path.

This amulet was woven on a three-ring binder. Yes – I wrapped a piece of yarn nine times around my binder and tied it off. Then I put one pencil at the top and one at the bottom to lift the warp off the surface of the binder. Then I started weaving.

The materials in my weft are all recycled t-shirts or fabric scraps people gave me. Here’s the meaning of the amulet:

  • Yellow – This represents abundance in my warp plan. I wove a lot of yellow because it is abundance! The red objects represent goals that I have been making. Some of the red objects are cut from a plastic lid. They are a variety of sizes and shapes because goals vary in size and flavor. So here I was trying to live in the space of abundance, setting goals, but nothing was changing. So then we move into…
  • Black – This represents organization in my warp plan. It means getting this show on the road. So that’s what I have done. The large red circle represents getting going for real.
  • Brown – This represents humor in my warp plan. It is about keeping a balanced perspective even when tackling tough goals.
  • Purple – This represents magic in my warp plan. You see there are three different beads woven into that swatch. They represent the idea that there will be three events that all have their own magic, and some will be a good experience, but not the “right” magic, but the red one will be the right one that moves the journey along.
Start of amulet
Start of amulet
  • Orange – This represents positivity in my warp plan. At this point, after getting organized, keeping perspective and seeking magic, I will need to keep my energy going. I will seek a series of difficult goals that will help me learn.
  • Green – This represents curiousity in my warp plan. As you can see, the red objects in that swatch are all different shapes. They represent the need to experiment – to force myself out of any comfort zone.
  • Blue – This represents flow in my warp plan. Here you see such soft weaving, not punctuated by specific red goals, just being and flowing. Really, I want that swatch to keep going on and on, but perhaps it is another amulet.
End of amulet
End of amulet

I did not weave the turquoise layer listed in my warp plan, representing curiousity, because I did not have a turquoise t-shirt or fabric or yarn that was just the right color. That will have to wait for a future project.

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