My Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Repurposing

The most challenging items to creatively reuse are sentimental items, and your wedding dress is often an item that lives in your closet for decades “just in case” you find a use for it. But what if your dress could help another bride? And how could you make your dress something you see every day, rather than something taking up storage space? Get ideas on where to donate or sell your dress, as well as projects to transforms your dress into a keepsake.

You can listen to my podcast episode on wedding dress repurposing in this YouTube video. It originally aired in August 2017.

This episode was inspired by one of my favorite podcasts – Happier hosted by Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft. This week they responded to a listener asking for advice on what to do with a wedding dress.

My Wedding Day
My Wedding Day

Note: My own wedding dress is still in my closet but researching this episode has given me many ideas! My dress was secondhand and I fell in love with it for the soft lace at the shoulders.

Please let me know if you make items from wedding dresses or accessories at!

Where to Donate Secondhand Wedding Dresses

Many of these organizations use the profits from the sales to help a charity, so buying a secondhand dress not only saves you money and reduces waste, but it also helps someone else.

Most only want dresses that are less than five or seven years old. But it’s worthwhile to search for local companies who take older dresses, like the one where I purchased my own dress.

Websites Where Brides Sell Dresses

Creative Reuse Ideas for Wedding Gowns and Accessories

Fairy Godmother Creations makes all sorts of items from wedding dresses, including christening gowns, communion dresses, memory bears, doll clothes, purses, pillows, blankets, tree skirts, stockings, tooth fairy pillows and fabric flowers.

Renting Wedding Items

Reduce the impact of your wedding by renting items.

Share Your Wedding Flowers After the Ceremony

While we are talking about creative reuse at weddings – check out these organizations which pick up your wedding flowers after the event and share them at nursing homes and other places.

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