3: Creative Reuse Lessons from Weaving Plastic Bags

Plastic bag weaving on my loom

Plastic bag weaving on my loom

For the past few months, my Trashmagination obsession has been focused on weaving plastic bags on my floor loom into gorgeous colorful mats. You can see photos of these mats and the process of weaving at the Trashmagination Instagram account.

This project reinforced three ideas that are dear to my heart when it comes to Trashmagination.

  1. When you learn how to make things with non-trash materials, chances are high that you can use trash materials instead.
  2. Ask for help and trust the universe will bring you what you need.
  3. You don’t have to know how things will turn out before you start.
Blanket I wove as a teenager in Finland

Blanket I wove as a teenager in Finland

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The Trashmagination podcast theme music is Kitchen from the Marian Circle Drum Brigade.

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