Basket filled with stuffed toys

Creative Reuse of Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys can be difficult to give away for sentimental reasons, but also because not many charities want used stuffed toys. So what can you do once your children outgrow their stuffed toys other than throw them in the trash?

This podcast will give you ideas on:

  • How to give a better gift than a conventional stuffed toy
  • Places where you can bring toys if you don’t want to creatively reuse them
  • Stories about creative reuse artists who have done incredible things with stuffed toys
  • Project ideas if you’d like to remake your stuffed toys into new items

You can listen to my podcast episode on creative reuse of stuffed toys in this YouTube video. It originally aired in May 2017. It is the second most popular episode of Trashmagination podcast after the one on toilet paper rolls with more than 700 downloads as of June 2023.

Stuffed toys fall into the recycling category of textiles, and only 15 percent of textiles are donated for reuse or recycling in the United States according to the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association (SMART). The average American family throws away 324 pounds of unwanted textiles per year, including stuffed toys.

Creatively Reuse Stuffed Toys – Resources

Stuffed toy taken apart with a seam ripper
Stuffed toy taken apart with a seam ripper

Artists Who Inspired this Podcast

Projects You Can Make with Recycled Stuffed Toys

Book of Monsters craft designed by ikatbag
Book of Monsters craft designed by ikatbag

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