My Appreciation Collage for my Birthday, December 2013

Appreciation Collages Made from Magazine Clippings

For years, when I am done reading a magazine, I will flip through it and cut out good pictures and headlines. I store these in five boxes – Words, Animals, People, Objects, Landscapes. Many times these collections have helped me when I need to make a poster. Another project idea is to make Appreciation Collages.

These are collages of images and words (mostly words usually) that you put together as a gift for someone. My colleague Amanda Stone made me an Appreciation Collage for my birthday last December (see it featured at the top of this blog).

Recently, I made some Appreciation Collages with my daughter. It was teacher appreciation week at school and she made one for each of her main teachers. Here are her collages:

Nora's Teacher Appreciation Collages
Nora’s Teacher Appreciation Collages

I made one for my Weaving a Life coach, Susan, because we had just finished the bulk of our work together. I also made one for my friend Sabina because her daughter Nika had asked me to write a note about Sabina for a special Mother’s Day gift.

Sabina's Appreciation Collage
Sabina’s Appreciation Collage
Susan's Appreciation Collage
Susan’s Appreciation Collage

I also made one for my mom for Mother’s Day but I forgot to take a photo of it before I gave it to her!!!

I hope these inspire you to start keeping a file or box of inspiring headlines, and to make appreciation collages for someone special in your life.