Nora's crayon art - umbrella in the rain

Umbrellas Creative Reuse

Sculpture artists and weavers make mind-blowing items from discarded and broken umbrellas. But there are also many projects that you can make at home with limited sewing or gardening skills.

You can listen to my podcast episode on how to reuse broken umbrellas in this YouTube video. It originally aired in February 2021.

Artists Who Creatively Reuse Umbrellas

Jean Shin

Jean’s 2021 lecture to art students about her work. She discusses her umbrella pieces near the start of the lecture at around 7:00.

Sakir Gökcebag

Helena Loermans

Amanda Schachter and Alexander Levi – SLO Architecture

Learn about the Harvest Dome projects

Umbrella Creative Reuse Projects

Cucicucicoo by Lisa Neri

Portable greenhouse from a clear bubble umbrella

Pussy willow craft from umbrella spines

Costumes that Creatively Reuse Umbrellas

Cirque de Parapluie – finalist in the Junk Kouture 2018 trash fashion show in Ireland

Bat and fox costumes designed by Trashmagination
My children wearing their bat and fox costumes that I designed and sewed in October 2011

Bat costume instructions from Lenore Edman from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

Spaceship costume instructions using a bubble umbrella by Zygote Brown

Wheel of Fortune costume from an umbrella

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