My Creative Instagram Inspirations

In case you are looking for some great feeds to follow, here’s my favorites in my interest areas:

Favorite Rug Hooking Instagram Feeds

Favorite Weaving Instagram Feeds

  • 1000wave – Chinami Mori lives in Japan – and her feed is my favorite – especially the photos of her grandma Emiko!
  • _jujujust_ – Judit Just lives in Asheville, North Carolina.
  • aliciascardetta – Alicia Scardetta lives in Brooklyn, New York.
  • anne.choi – Anne Choi’s studio Middle Brook Fiberworks is in Somerset Hills, New Jersey.
  • ashleylthurman – Ashley L. Thurman is in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • combedthunder – Natalie Novak is in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • crochet_by_kait – Kaitlyn Taylor is in Long Beach, California.
  • crossingthreads – Lauren and Kassandra Hernandez are in Sydney, Australia.
  • genivievejade – Genevieve Griffiths is in New Zealand.
  • loomloomshake – Kirilee Clayton is in Australia.
  • luposkitt – Lucy Poskitt is in Victoria, British Columbia.
  • mandismoothhills – Mandi Smethells is in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • maryannemoodie – Maryanne Moodie lives in Brooklyn, New York.
  • natalie_miller_design – Natalie Miller lives in Australia.
  • philippaataylor – Philippa A. Taylor lives in Australia.
  • pineapple_phi – Bee Marshall lives in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • rebeccamezofftapestry – Rebecca Mezoff lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • sunwoven – Erin Barrett lives in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • woolandweave – Marie Matter lives in Houston, Texas.

Favorite Quilting Instagram Feeds

Favorite Embroidery Instagram Feeds

  • alyparrott – Aly Parrott lives in Albany, New York.
  • betz_white – Betz White lives in Maryland.
  • catchtheinspiration – Veselka Bulkan lives in Munich, Germany.
  • dropcloth – Rebecca Ringquist lives in Portland, Oregon.
  • elizabethpawle – Elizabeth Pawle lives in London, England – she does weaving and embroidery.
  • mimikirchner – Mimi Kirchner lives in the Boston area in Massachusetts.
  • monika_kinner – Monika Kinner-Whalen lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – I loved her weaving in her community fences as well.
  • sarahkbenning – Sarah K. Benning lives in Hillsborough, New Hampshire.
  • spiritcloth – Jude Hill lives in Long Island, New York.

Favorite Creative Reuse Instagram Feeds

  • blairs – Blair Stocker lives in Seattle, Washington.
  • kuttlefish – Kuttlefish is an online community of reimagined goods.
  • reunionyarn – Emily and Mike Felix live in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • salvagegoodstn – Clay Bush lives in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • sayakaganz – Sayaka Ganz lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • sherrilynnwood – Sherri Lynn Wood lives in Oakland, California.
  • thomasdambo – Thomas Dambo lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Favorite Drawing Instagram Feeds

Favorite Design / Craft Business Model Feeds

  • bookhou – Arounna Khounnoraj and John Booth live in Toronto, Ontario.
  • geninne – Geninne Zlatkis lives in New Mexico.
  • illustratedfaith – Shanna Noel lives in Sonoma County, California.
  • littlepincushionstudio – Annabel Lowe Wrigley lives in Warrenton, Virginia.
  • michellebablo – Michelle Bablo and Hell Yes Design Studio is in Brooklyn, New York.
  • mypapercrane – Heidi Kenney lives in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

And of course, my own Instagram is great at!