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Bras Creative Reuse

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so let’s talk about ways you can clear out your bra collection while not filling the landfill. Luckily, there are many organizations that take gently-used bras. We’ll also talk about what to do with a well-worn bra and learn about artists who have bras as a theme in their work.

You can listen to my original podcast episode on the creative reuse of bras from October 2019 in this YouTube video:

Donate Gently-Used or New Bras

What to Make with Well-Worn Bras

Bra Purse

Send clasps to a wildlife rehabilitation organization that works with turtles:

Make your own bra extender

What to Make with Bra Insert Pads

  • Convert them into knee pads by adding a pocket on the inside of a pair of work pants
  • Protect your floors by using them as furniture movers
  • Make a sleep mask
  • Stitch them around hangers to keep clothes from sliding off
  • Use them as base for a fascinator
  • Give them to a seamstress or dress maker

Reusing Bras in Halloween Costumes

Artists Who Creatively Reuse Bras

BraBall by Emily Duffy

Mariah Reading landscape painting

Emily Dvorin baskets

Bras from Creatively Reuse Materials

Ruby Silvious, Oribrami

Veronika Richterová, Petprsenka, 2005

Knitted Knockers

Knitted Knockers connects knitters and crocheters with breast cancer survivors. They give out free patterns for how to knit or crochet prosthetics. You could knit a breast prosthetic from leftover yarn from a previous project although you need to check their list of approved yarns which are proven to work well.

Dress made from upcycled bras by Renee Sherrer at Social Fabric in Bellingham, WA

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