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America Recycles Day: Recycling Celebrations Around the World

November 15 is America Recycles Day this year. Around the world, there are recycling celebrations in many countries. How could you celebrate recycling this November? The most popular types of events are collection events for materials that don’t go in the recycling bin, such as bicycles or hazardous materials such as paint. But there are many other kinds of events such as:

  • paper shredding or bicycle repair events
  • tutorials or workshops on worm composting and zero-waste cooking
  • sew-alongs where people sew reusable bags
  • clothing or toy swaps
  • repair cafés where people bring items and others fix them or teach how to fix them
  • tours of recycling centers and transfer stations
  • trash fashion or recycling sculpture shows

I mentioned a program called the Wasted Swap where creative reuse artists are matched with a partner and exchange bags from recycled materials – here’s the info from Trash2Tees.

Making kale chips at the Growing Gardens program in Boulder, Colorado, July 2012
Making kale chips at the Growing Gardens program in Boulder, Colorado, July 2012

Recycling Celebration Events Around the World

Recycling Events Which Trashmagination Will Attend in November 2017

It would be great to see you there!

November 11, 12noon-4pm, Maker Faire at Barnes and Noble Tysons Corner
Trashmagination will have a table with information about what I make out of trash and recycled materials.

November 15, 6-8pm Project Recycle Runway, Martin K. Alloy Boys & Girls Club of Manassas
Trashmagination will be cheering on the creative folks who made new fashions from recycled clothing.

November 18, 8am-2pm, Herndon High School Holiday Fair
Wonderful original holiday gifts for your creative reuse enthusiast family and friends!

November 30, 10am-1pm, “Rethink Recycling” Sculpture Contest
Trashmagination will be getting inspired by talented high school artists at the Maryland Department of the Environment Headquarters located at 1800 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland

Videos Mentioned in the Podcast

European Week for Waste Reduction

Barcelona Give Box
In Barcelona, people put out items that they don’t need for their neighbors to take. Each street is on a schedule. A common item is scrap wood.

Berlin Give Box

Kamikatsu, Zero-waste Town in Japan

Ted Talk

Seeker video