Inflatable Floats and Decorations Creative Reuse

Around the world, purchases of inflatable toys, decorations and pools have increased dramatically as people try to enjoy the warm weather while social distancing. The Washington Post reported that “the inflatable pool is the official symbol of America’s lost summer.” While these items may bring us feelings of joy and celebration, they come at a great cost. They are never produced in a sustainable way. They break easily and are rarely recycled. They are difficult to creative reuse. Today’s episode explores companies that do creatively reuse inflatables as well as artists who incorporate them into installations.

Joy and Inflatable, Round, Colorful Objects

Ingrid Fetell Lee’s TED Talk on the aesthetics of joy

Vinyl Recycling Facilities in North America

Wyatt & Jack

This UK-based company makes imaginative and fun bags from upcycled inflatable beach toys.

Hear more about Wyatt & Jack in this podcast interview on Sustainable(ish).


This German non-profit picks up inflatable rafts on the shores in Greece that transported refugees and makes them into bags.

Great interview with the founder of mimycri on the Green Berlin podcast

Nick Cave

Nick creatively reuses many materials in his work. In 2019, he made an exhibit and community event in Boston from inflatable lawn decorations.

Erik Scollon

Erik did an artist residency at the Recology program in San Francisco where he made items found in the landfill there. He made inflatable balloons from recycled jackets.

Tutorials to Make Your Own Recycled Inflatables

Trash Fashion & Costumes from Inflatables

Junk Kouture outfit called Swimming in Plastic

Alligator inflatable made into trash fashion

Wearable art dress in the making – made out of discarded pool float toy plastics

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