Plastic caps to be drilled for taiko player craft

DIY Plastic Recycling

Designers around the world are building machines that allow people to DIY their plastic recycling. The movement was started by David Hakkens and Precious Plastic. Now artists, entrepreneurs and community activities are using his designs to improve the world and actually reuse plastic.

You can listen to my podcast episode about people who are doing plastic recycling at home in this YouTube video. It originally aired in September 2020:

Designers Expanding on this Idea

Perpetual Plastic

Making this method accessible at public events

Plastik Kembali

Making plastic bowls that look like glazed pottery

Thing Thing

Desiging humorous furniture and home decor


Making construction-grade bricks from marine debris

Shredding & Extruding Plastic at Home

Tutorial for how to do this with a sandwich press – but be careful and protect yourself from fumes – plus never use that sandwich press to make food again

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