Rainbow-colored bread tags or clips

Bread Tags or Clips

Bread tags or clips may seem like a small item, but when you realize that there are millions of them in the world, it adds up. Made from type 6 plastic, or polystyrene, they are often not accepted by municipal recycling facilities because they are too small to be sorted by automated recycling machines. However, there are people who are finding ways to recycle and reuse them around the world – so get inspired today!

You can listen to my podcast episode on creative reuse of bread tags or clips in this YouTube video. It originally aired in June 2018.

Where Do Bread Tags Come From?

The company which makes bread tags in the US is called Kwik Lok is located in Yakima, Washington. Great Big Story made this video about the story of bread tags:

Where to Send Bread Tags

In South Africa, check out Breadtags for Wheelchairs.

In the United States, check out Danielle Cares for Chairs.

In Australia, check out The Breadtag Appreciation Society and The Breadtag Project.

How to Reuse Bread Tags

See inspirational photos of these ideas at the Trashmagination Pinterest board for bread tags or clips.

Building Community with Bread Tags

Besides gathering bread tags to raise funds for wheelchairs, here are examples of artists who did projects with bread tags that I think could be fun to do within a community such as a classroom.

Artists Who Make Complicated Items from Bread Tags

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