My World Tour Plan

I have this idea of travelling all over to visit people doing Trashmagination stuff. I’m going to keep a running list of places I want to see for the day I go.

The keywords I use when searching for these people are:

  • American Made
  • Collaborative Working Space
  • Creative Recycling
  • Etsy Recycled
  • Fiber Art Center
  • Folk Art Center
  • Maker Faire
  • Mosaics
  • School of Crafts
  • Scrap
  • Textile Center
  • Tinkerer
  • Upcycled





  • Alabama Chanin – This visionary has a factory of organic cotton design awesomeness in Florence.
  • The Resource Place – A place for teachers & caregivers to get recycled materials in Mobile 



  • Cedar Mueller Art – In Canmore, makes bears, horses and other large animals from cut up recycled vehicles
  • Sustainable Slow – In Edmonton, I would love to meet Deb Merriam who founded The Local Good and does rug hooking



  • The Rabbit’s Lair – In Rogers – I like that they call themselves a creative fiber center



  • Crossing Threads – I would like to meet weavers Lauren and Kassandra Hernandez





  • A Place to Grow – Greenhouses made from recycled windows & building supplies – in San Luis Obispo
  • Arribacycle – A collective of Latino parents in Oakland who make things from recycled materials
  • Brightworks – At this school in San Fransisco, the kids really take ownership of their learning. They study subjects in “arcs” where each child takes some aspect and runs with it. I really want to do the silk scarf dancing from the ceiling.
  • Camp Couture – A camp for people who want to make clothing from recycled materials in San Mateo
  • Chimera Arts and Maker Space – A place for makers of all types to get together in Sebastopol
  • Couch Guitar Straps – Guitar straps from recycled seat belts in Long Beach
  • Crochet by Kait – I would like to meet weaver Kaitlyn Taylor in Long Beach
  • East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse – connecting people with reusable art supplies – in Oakland
  • FabMo – Taking designer fabric scraps, collecting them and having a monthly event for designers – in Mountain View
  • Fallen Fruit – A project by two artists mapping the locations of fruit trees on public lands
  • Maranoni – I would love to meet quilter and home goods designer Lorena Marañon in Los Angeles.
  • Nine Lives Products – This company is finding cool products to make from recycled styrofoam, in Berkeley – they make Glu6
  • People Towels – I have given these gifts so many times – I would love to meet Mary Wallace and Linda Lannon in Monterey
  • Rare Hare Studio – They host fairs that encourage creative recycling around the San Diego area.
  • Re-Create – Less trash & more art – great slogan – in Roseville
  • Rediscover Center – Connecting educators & caregivers with recycled materials in Los Angeles
  • Renga Arts – In Sebastapol, furniture and random sculptures from recycled materials
  • Resource Area for Teaching – At a warehouse in San Jose, teachers can get recycled materials and curriculum ideas.
  • Ruth’s Table – A place for creative people to come together in San Fransisco
  • Scrap – The first of the “scrap” places which turn factory ends into art materials, located in San Fransisco
  • Sherri Lynn Wood – This incredible creative reuse fiber artist lives in Oakland
  • Sticky Art Lab – In Berkeley, a place for makers to get together
  • The Away Station – In Fairfax
  • This Into That – Artist Jim Rosenau makes shelves & furniture from books in Berkeley.
  • Tinkering Studio, Exploratorium – In San Fransisco, a group of inventors and creators
  • Trash Amps – Speakers made from recycled materials like aluminum cans – in the Bay area
  • Trash for Teaching at Two Bit Circus Foundation – In Fresno
  • Wishi Washi Studio – I would love to meet bookmaker and quilter Jody Alexander in Santa Cruz







  • Thomas Dambo – This creative reuse artist lives in Copenhagen.



  • Fab Lab DC – A place where you can make just about anything related to technology
  • Scrap DC – Takes donated art materials and makes them available for low costs





  • Vita Marie Lovett – This artist stitches layers on to canvas to make it look like old barn doors, in Marietta



  • Little Herb Bouquet – I would love to meet innovative embroidery design Veselka Bulkan in Munich



  • Community Art Cart – an organization that encourages people to create art carts of recycled craft materials, like the Little Free Library movement
  • Creative Reuse Warehouse – In Chicago, connected with a lot of other cool resources such as urban farming
  • Growing Power – Very cool program that teaches people urban farming – Will and Erika Allen are super inspiring human beings
  • Resweater – She makes lots of things from old sweaters in Geneva
  • Sarah Nishiura Quilts – So yummy – I read about her in Martha Stewart magazine – she is in Chicago













  • Alchemy Initiative – Located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, some folks transformed a church into an arts collective, with classes around the Berkshires.
  • Gather Here Stitch Lounge – In Cambridge, a place where people who love fiber can work
  • Mimi Kirchner – I would love to visit this innovative dollmaker in the Boston area.
  • Nancy’s Gone Green – Two stores, in Roslindale and Brookline Village, rejuvenate vintage and other clothing
  • The Beautiful Stuff Project – free materials for creative reuse by teachers & students – in Somerville
  • Sharon McCartney – love her fiber work, especially when it looks so true to nature – in Belcherville



  • Arts and Scraps – In Detroit, a place for artists to get inexpensive supplies
  • Boots N’ Gus – Lighting from glass jars and kitchen ware in Grand Haven
  • Figjam Studio – I would love to meet creative reuse artist Kerry Heath in Coldwater
  • Green Sheep – She takes wool sweaters and makes them into  blankets
  • Green Sheep Felt – She also takes woolen sweaters and makes them into fun stuff, in Dearborn
  • Scrap Box – In Ann Arbor, they gather factory ends and other bits for artists, as well as offering classes.







  • The Teacher’s Exchange – This program is run by the Public Education Foundation in Las Vegas and connects teachers with materials.



  • Norton’s Cove Studio – Janet Davis’ studio – I love her work, expecially her hooked rugs – especially Clifford’s Educational Fund – in Brookfield



  • Dorr Mill Store – In Newport, a Mecca for rug hooking artists
  • Sarah K. Benning – I would love to meet this illustrious embroidery designer in Hillsborough



  • dordesign – In Rumson, she makes furniture from recycled billboards.
  • Group Hug Quilts – Handmade quilts, personalized, in Cranbury
  • Middle Brook Fiberworks – I would love to meet spinner and weaver Anne Choi and take classes in her beautiful studio.
  • Peters Valley Craft Center – In Layton, there are 2-5 day classes that make me swoon
  • Terracycle – Some day I would really love to visit the design headquarters for this company I have admired for years, in Trenton – their goal is to “eliminate the idea of waste”



  • Adirondack Folk School – At Lake Luzerne, workshops in all the crafts you want to learn.
  • Aly Parrott – I would love to meet embroidery artist Aly Parrott in Albany
  • Aurora Shoe Company – Leather is all from the United States, shoes are all handmade – in Aurora
  • Crazy As A Loom – I visited this amazing weaving school & recycled fiber artist – she is phenomenal outside Glens Falls.
  • Finger Lakes Re-Use – In Ithaca, they have a ReUse Art Show and a center where you can get materials.
  • First World Trash – bags from billboards, seat belts, inner tubes in Queens
  • Haptic Lab – In Brooklyn, Emily Fischer makes quilts I want to touch.
  • Materials for the Arts – In New York, run by the New York Department of Cultural Affairs, this connects artists with stuff, and a group called “Friends of Materials for the Arts” teach classes with that re-used stuff.
  • NYC Wastematch – Run by the Department of Sanitation, this site matches waste to people who want it. This should exist everywhere!
  • Paisley Studio – I would like to meet rug hooking artist Sarah McNamara
  • Skraptacular – A community group that hosts events encouraging recycling, especially weaving items, in New York
  • Snuggly Ugly – Stuffed toys from sweaters in Brooklyn
  • Textile Arts Center – Lots of great fiber classes in Brooklyn & Manhattan
  • Thompson Street Studio – I would like to visit this studio in New York.
  • Vaya Bags – In Queens, she makes bags from recycled bicycle tubes, sails and billboards.
  • Zak Foster Quilts – I would love to meet quilter and weaver Zak Foster in Brooklyn.



  • Earth Guild – Selling everything you need to make anything – in Asheville
  • John C. Campbell Folk School – It is my dream to take a class here in Brasstown. Or maybe to teach a class here?
  • Jujujust – I would love to meet weaver Judit Just in Asheville.
  • Paperhand Puppet Intervention – They make giant puppets from incredible stuff in Saxapahaw – some summer, we must go for a show.
  • Penland School of Crafts – Founded in 1929, the heart and soul of American craft history
  • Scrap Exchange – In Durham, this organization encourages re-use by gathering donations and re-selling to makers.
  • Screen Door – Variety shop with more than 100 vendors, many doing creative reuse – in Asheville
  • Snuggly Monkey – I would like to meet crafter and quilter Claudia Martinez in Durham.
  • Trendefemme – Women’s clothing from recycled fibers in Raleigh



  • A Twist of Iron – Recycled metal art, specializing in making fire pits from old propane tanks, by Kevin, Noreen and Loreen Nicholson in Cape Breton
  • Martine Vermeulen – She makes collages from recycled linoleum in Port Medway.







  • Bookhou – I would love to meet designers Arounna Khounnoraj and John Booth in Toronto.
  • Fish Eye Sisters – I would like to meet quilter and rug hooker Jen Manuell in Huntsville
  • Karen D. Miller Studio – In Ottawa, I would like to visit this rug hooking artist.
  • Textile Museum of Canada – In Toronto
  • The Workroom – In Toronto, a place where people can get together to learn how to sew or rent sewing machines



  • Cartwright Design – Matt makes sculptures from recycled metal and wood in Portland.
  • Lolivia Gifts – They plant succulent gardens in found objects in Nehalem.



  • Deckstool – Furniture made from recycled skateboards, located in Clifton Heights, west of Philadelphia
  • Hatch Arts Studio – in Pittsburgh – lots of creative reuse projects for adults & kids
  • My Paper Crane – I would love to visit Heidi Kenney who does many things and I love them all.
  • New Leaf Initiative – In State College, a group got together, refurbished a house, and is trying to make a really cool community initiative.
  • Oh-Zie Designs – Clothing from recycled t-shirts in North East
  • Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens – Mosaics made from amazing things
  • Pittsburgh’s Center for Creative Reuse – Open 7 days a week, amazing art supplies!
  • Resource Exchange – In Philadelphia, connecting people with unwanted stuff
  • TrashN2Tees – Her t-shirts designs are adorable, all from recycled textiles located in Easton, east of Allentown.
  • Victoria Gertenbach – In Lancaster, her quilts are all about using scraps and I love her Mend series.







  • Miner Metal – Sculptures from recycled metal in Mount Pleasant
  • Rebot – Wonderful things made from recycled kayaks in Charleston
  • Shop-Keep – Handmade quilts with sashiko thread in Greenville
  • Sunwoven – I would love to meet weaver Erin Barrett in Charleston



  • Fiber Farm – a farm where they deconstruct old sweaters to make skeins of yarn for reuse (while also raising animals) in Tracy City
  • Reunion Yarn – Emily and Mike Felix rescue yarn of many fibers from unwanted items in Chattanooga
  • Salvage Goods – amazing bags made from recycled seatbelts – in Nashville
  • Turnip Green Creative Reuse – in Nashville, creative reuse center



  • Austin Creative Reuse – I love all creative reuse centers!
  • Austin Tinkering School – Looking at the photos from their events makes you want to collect a whole bunch of scrap wood and other bits, place them on picnic tables in the backyard of a school, and have the kids build whatever their heart desires.
  • Cathedral of Junk – In Austin, artist Vince Hannemann built a sculpture in his yard from trash.
  • Dumpster Project – A professor who is doing an annual project living in a dumpster to see how one can live with fewer resources, in Austin
  • Folk Fibers – I would love to meet Maura Grace Ambrose near Austin
  • Geekdom – In San Antonio, a place where makers get together
  • Pheonix Commotion – Dan & Marsha Phillips teach people how to make their own homes with recycled materials near Houston – great TEDx talk!
  • Remagine That – in Austin
  • Spare Parts – In San Antonio – Save the Arts Spare Parts creative reuse center
  • Wool and Weave – I would like to meet weaver Marie Matter in Houston.



  • DewLeaf – I would love to meet creative reuse artist Julie Alice Chappell in Portsmouth





  • Resource Vermont – While it is like many other thrift stores, I admire how they train folks who have dropped out of high school in various trades – located in Burlington





  • Maker Haus – A collaborate space for makers in Seattle
  • Wise Craft Handmade – I would love to meet creative reuse fiber artist Blair Stocker in Seattle



  • Meredith Young – Beautiful jewelry from aluminum cans in Second Creek



  • Forevertron – A large sculpture from recycled metal in North Freedom.
  • Growing Power – Very cool program that teaches people urban farming – Will and Erika Allen are super inspiring human beings
  • Sew Much Style – iPad and bowl covers from recycled fabrics in Keewaunee



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