Flower Boxes – 8-inch sides

Roses with Yellow Liner – 7.5-inch sides

Paint Swirls – 8-inch sides

Shiny Marbled Smaller Size – 5-inch sides

Marbled Pastels – 5-inch sides

Aqua Quilted with Wavy Lines – 8-inch sides

Cream, Blue and Plum Color Blocks – 7-inch sides

Green and Red Smaller Gift Bag – 5-inch sides

Pastel Flower Sketches – 7.5-inch sides

These komebukero are already sold or gifted – and I cannot re-create them because they are made from upcycled one-of-a-kind upholstery samples.

SOLD – Pink Roses with Pink Stripes – 9-inch sides

SOLD – Green Flowers with Gray Lining – 8-inch sides

GIFTED – Navy Flowers with Corduroy – 8-inch sides

GIFTED – Chalk Abstract with Turquoise Liner – 5-inch sides

GIFTED – Navy Pinwheels – 9-inch sides

GIFTED – Roses on the Diagonal with Light Green Lining – 8-inch sides

GIFTED – Shiny Marbled Bigger Version – 8-inch sides

GIFTED – Bargello-Inspired – 8-inch sides

GIFTED – Green Garden – 6-inch sides

GIFTED – Diamond Polka Dots with Quilted Sides – 8-inch sides

GIFTED – Black Quilted with Flowers – 9-inch sides