Dragonfly craft made from broken zipper and wool felt by Trashmagination

Recycle Broken Zippers

Today I’m sharing tips on how to fix broken zippers but then how to make art out of them if you cannot fix it! You can listen to my podcast episode on zipper fixing and reusing in this YouTube video. It originally aired in January 2018.

Fixing a Broken Zipper

When a zipper breaks on a coat or sleeping bag, what do you do? If you don’t sew, many people will toss the item. But it seems so sad to throw away something you enjoy due to a tiny mechanical issue! Here are suggestions for how to recycle a broken zipper:

Step 1: Try to fix the zipper.

If this video doesn’t describe your issue, there are MANY videos on Youtube with suggestions.

Step 2: Salvage the zipper.

You can use your seam ripper to remove the zipper if you want to retain as much of the fabric tape as possible. If you want to make an item that only requires the zipper teeth and a little bit of fabric, you can cut it out.

Step 3: Get inspired by the many projects made from recycled broken zippers.

Check out the Trashmagination Pinterest board about zipper projects. 

Artists Who Incorporate Zippers in their Work

Zipper Craft Project Ideas



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