Touring a Junk Removal Company in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Our family had just enjoyed a go-kart race at KartBahn when we noticed a sign saying Junkery: The Art of Junk. My family must love me because they knew right away we needed to go check it out! We met Chief Junkology Officer Ginny Sterling Boddie, who enthusiastically gave us a tour on the spot!

Junkery is a company which helps you remove unwanted items. They can come in their truck and carry stuff away, or you can rent one of their large cloth bags and fill it at your convenience, which they will then come and take away.

We saw inside their warehouse where they sort the junk. They cultivate relationships with organizations and artists. For example, they have a creative recycling artist who specializes in 1950s furniture ala Mad Men. They provide items to Relove Halifax. They are down the street from a new Habitat for Humanity ReStore where they can bring building supplies. They had lots of categories of “junk” they would recycle. They have found a way to¬†recycle about 86% of the items they pick up.

Sorting junk into categories at the Junkery

They have three sizes of Junkery bags that you can rent – here’s the info about the two larger sizes:

Junkery junk removal bag service

They lift the bag into their truck with a large crane attached to the truck.

The only junk that brings in revenue is metal, and that is a small amount, so most of the revenue comes from people paying to pick up their junk.

The Junkery was named New Business of the Year at the Halifax Chamber of Commerce 2016 Business Awards.

My nephew Owen asked two great questions:

What is the weirdest thing you ever picked up? – Ginny said there was a package wrapped in many layers of newspaper and plastic. They unwrapped it and found what they thought was sticks of dynamite, but it was railway flares. You are not supposed to get them to pick up any hazardous materials.

What is the oldest thing you ever picked up? – Ginny showed us a device that was used to put tires on Model T Ford’s:

Device for putting tires on Model T Fords

My son also loved a very old organ that was in their warehouse which I forgot to photograph. They are looking for an extra special home for that organ.

After our tour, Ginny took our photo standing inside their largest Junkery bag in their front lobby. Ginny said that they participated in an event earlier this year with the Parker Street Furniture and Food Bank to gather food in this large bag and they collected a lot!

Standing in the largest Junkery bag

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