Running in the Rain

I love running in summer rain. The leaves are so brilliantly green, the drops shine like silver on the edges.

Silver drops on a leaf

My Perfect Rain Running Song

My favorite song for raining times is “Piove” by Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini. Here’s the chorus:
“Piove! Senti come piove! Madonna come piove! Senti come viene giù!”
which means
“It’s raining! Feel how it’s raining! God, how it rains! Feel how it pours!”

My favorite line from the song is:
“Non eri tu che ormai ti eri rassegnata, e che dicevi che non ti saresti più innamorata?”
which means
“Wasn’t it you who was resigned and who said you wouldn’t love anymore?”

And then he talks about the abundance of rain pouring all around you, the love all around you. It’s a song about perseverance and faith. It is this belief in abundance that is at the heart of Trashmagination, this belief that you can create value where others do not see it.

Reminds Me of Angela

This song transports me to when I was attending Pearson College from 1989-1991. It is located in British Columbia and most of the winter, it rained. I remember the feeling of my scalp being sore because of rain.

Since this song is in Italian, it also reminds me of one of my room mates at Pearson, Angela Cozzolino. Angela was always telling me about how everything creative and wonderful came from Italy and she had a very good case most of the time.

My room mates during my first year at Pearson College in 1989-1990

My room mates during my first year at Pearson College in 1989-1990 (L-R) me, Palm, Vipa, Angela, Bidemi

I drew the pencil crayon drawing at the top of this blog while I was attending Pearson. You can compare it to the photo and see that I was not super accurate, but it captures the feeling of being in a tight-knit family of such amazing women.

We spent a lot of time together when we were room mates. We had a happy rhythm as a group, teasing each other most of the time. I loved it when we would go dancing in a little circle together down at the student common room. I loved writing poems in English and Thai and performing them back and forth between the languages.

Bob and I visited Angela one time in 1999. We met her now-husband Antonio, and were delighted to see how happy they were together. It feels like such a long time ago.

Anyhow, it’s funny how memories swirl around you when you are running, listening to music, in the rain. The vibrant green of the present seems in such sharp contrast to these old memories. But they all become one feeling, as my feet pound the wet pavement.

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