Recycling Old T-Shirts Into New T-Shirts

Meet Maggie Pfeifer, who has a company called reborn by Maggie where she re-makes old t-shirts into new ones. So if you have a t-shirt that you love the logo, but the t-shirt is falling apart or it doesn’t fit you nicely, Maggie cuts out the logo and attaches it to a new, better fitting t-shirt, adding some artistic flair to the process. Maggie has sold these t-shirts in boutiques and at street fairs. She was even featured in Real Simple magazine’s holiday gift issue and had a crazy Christmas fulfilling a ton of orders.

I met Maggie at Eureka Ranch a few weeks ago, where I was living a dream to become a Innovation Engineering Black Belt. For the past five years, we have been experimenting with Innovation Engineering at my work. I love implementing these methodologies. Maggie was one of my coaches at the course, and has coached hundreds of people to make their inventions and organizations more meaningfully unique.

I was delighted that one of my innovation coaches has her own Trashmagination-inspired businesses, and also delighted to find out we have the exact same birthday!


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