My Friend Amy’s Arts Center in Maine

While preparing green tours for the Family Nature Summits, I was so impressed by the area around Blue Hill, Maine. It is overflowing with people inventing wonderful products and starting green businesses. So let me tell you about a few of those companies in my next blogs.

Peninsula Metamorphic Arts and Learning

Back in 1990, I was attending Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific, an international school dedicated to fostering world peace. One of my classmates was Amy Grant. Amy and I last saw each other at our 10 year reunion in 2001. We kept in touch via Facebook, and I was thrilled that she married a fellow from Nova Scotia, Chris Muise. We had our babies at the same time and they settled in Blue Hill, Maine.

Amy and Chris have done something that I dream about doing which is starting their own business – and their business is all about encouraging people to be more creative. They named it Peninsula Metamorphic Arts and Learning, and they built their center themselves!

Peninsula Metamorphic Arts and Learning in Blue Hill, Maine

Peninsula Metamorphic Arts and Learning in Blue Hill, Maine

Theater, After-School Programs, Concerts, Summer Camps

Amy and Chris are way too humble about all the things they do at their center. Just walking in the building made me excited about the possibilities. Even though Amy and I had not seen each other for more than 10 years, it took us 10 minutes to start inventing new things she could do in there. Our brains were very happy together.

The front part of the building was built from a timber frame that they purchased, and then they added a nice big flexible space in the back. Amy said it was very important to her that the space would be beautiful, especially for the kids who come there after school. Kids know when they are in a beautiful space and they often adjust their behavior to match it.

They run after-school programs during the school year and camps during the summer. A local musician rents the space once a week for a concert. In 2010, they produced a play about food issues called Food Rules to support efforts by local farmers.

Everyone in Maine Seems to Be an Entrepreneur

As we explored the Blue Hill community with Amy & Chris, we were impressed how every driveway ended with a sign describing a business. You could say that is just part of rural life, but it was a good reminder to me that people start businesses and follow their hearts every day – just like Amy and Chris. It also reminded me of my work with Doug Hall and Innovation Engineering – no wonder he is from Maine!

Thank you Amy and Chris for the lovely visit and the Keith’s!

Check out the Peninsula Metamorphic Arts and Learning center website.


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