Ode to Stephanie, Queen of Composting

Tomorrow my friend Stephanie Parsons will be leaving National Wildlife Federation to pursue other dreams. That is great for her, sad for me and NWF.

My first memories of Stephanie were on the Cool It! Recycling committee. We both joined that committee to improve the recycling offerings at NWF. We did many different programs. But the one that Stephanie really owned was our composting program.

It has now been years, I’m guessing almost five years, that Stephanie has been the most devoted composting volunteer. Every Friday, she goes down to our composting bucket, weighs it, and then empties it into the composter outside. We have records that show she has diverted hundreds of pounds of compost – approximately 20-30 pounds per month.

It always amazed me how consistently she provided this service to her fellow employees at NWF with little recognition. For most employees, the compost just goes away and they think nothing more.

Jenn, Karen, Whitney, Stephane and me packing up technotrash

Jenn, Karen, Whitney, Stephanie and me packing up technotrash

Stephanie is a hero in the way we can all be heroes. We can get things done without much thanks, we can be reliable, we can just be there.

I am sadly left without a queen of composting, and more importantly, I’ll miss Stephanie’s sweet smile down the hallways. I wish her the best with the next dream and I hope wherever she goes, she composts!

Stephanie with the bag that I made for her from dried fruit packaging

Stephanie with the bag that I made for her from dried fruit packaging


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